Notifications (Webhooks)


Uconektpay webhooks will be fired on the following events.


  • Order placed (status: waiting)
  • Successful payment processed (status: confirmed)
  • Payment aborted by customer (status: cancelled)
  • Payment declined (status: declined)
  • Pre-authorization successful (status: authorized)
  • Payment (partial-) refunded by merchant (status: refunded / partially-refunded)
  • Chargeback by card holder (status: chargeback)
  • Technical error (status: error)


  • On successful payment of a subscription payment
  • On failed payment of a subscription payment
  • On cancelled subscription

For one successful payment, you will get two webhook requests.


The configuration for the webhooks can be found at Settings > API.
There must be an accessible URL / IP address where the data should be sent to.
You can choose which content type you want to use. "Normal (PHP-Post) means application/x-www-form-urlencoded and is best used for PHP-applications. "JSON" means application/json and is best used for all different applications.


How to use

For an integration into a web shop you will create a API (Uconektpay Gateway) After the transaction has been performed, you will get a notification request to your server. You can identify the transaction by paymentLinkId or referenceId in Invoice.


The data will be either sent in JSON format or as HTTP POST form-data.

Depending on the information you want to track in your system, please go to the object specification: